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Dr. Jim Lane

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Jim Lane was raised on a Kentucky dairy farm, where he grew up in awe of the local veterinarian’s ability to nurture sick cattle back to health. Dr. Lane’s father said on multiple occasions that he thought his son would make a great veterinarian—those words of encouragement made a permanent impression. Dr. Lane knew that a career in the veterinary world was the perfect fit!

Dr. Karen Tinkle

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Karen Tinkle grew up on her family farm in rural western Tennessee, where animal care was a part of life from day one. She was even active in the 4-H and Future Farmers of America organizations, which only deepened her desire to help as many of the earth’s creatures as she possibly could. It’s only natural that Dr. Tinkle would one day become a licensed veterinarian!

Dr. Laura Catherine Brittain

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Laura Brittain worked in the business world for several years after college, but soon found that she wasn’t truly fulfilled. She’d always dreamt about doing something involving animal care—that’s when Dr. Brittain decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her passion! Now, she couldn’t be happier to help pets daily as one of Community Animal Hospital’s Associate Veterinarians.

Dr. Rusty Barnett

Associate Veterinarian

Although Dr. Rusty Barnett had entertained the idea of becoming a veterinarian ever since he was a young boy, he eventually chose another career path and pursued that for many years. After getting married, Dr. Barnett’s wife convinced him to go back to school to pursue his lifelong passion of animal care—he hasn’t looked back since!